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The Blog is closed and this ist my last post due to the lack of time.
I’m very sorry.

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A T46 China 1980 red monkey stamp comparison

The comparison shows two scans of the same German auction house for the same auction. So the scan properties should be the same.

You can take a look at the little animation and find out differences in the stamp design :-) more…

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China Red Revenue large 2c with questionable surcharge omitted variety (Chan 88)

This stamp has been sold in a March 2012 at eBay’s US market place for US$ 1,530. The seller, located in Hong Kong, described the item as follows:

“China Red Revenue Large 2c Variety RARE!! MH, OG, VF, No Faults, Please see the photo.”


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Record price for ROC $2 Dr Sun Yat Sen inverted center (Chan 508a)

On March 17th 2012 Zurich Asia realized another record price for a Republic of China item. The $2 Dr Sun Yat Sen inverted center. This is one of the rarest and most valuable stamps of ROC. Only one sheet of fifty is believed to have been printed with this error. This item with bottom margin is from Mr. Huang Ming Fang’s collection and has been sold for HK$ 2,415,000. Congratulations for this result! more…

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Forged Mei Lanfang (C94) opera stamps

In december 2011 some forged Mei Lanfang stamps (C94) had been sold on eBay. The original printing method and the fine appearance make the fake dangerous. It seems likely, that the stamps will occur in some collections in the future.

This fake shows that it is more important to buy genuine stamps, than to buy clean stamps! We should think and compare before buying stamps with white gum, which originally had not been white and clean. more…

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How you can identify their marks – and avoid stamp forgeries.

Do you have stamps with marks on the back you do not know? Perhaps this link will help to find a name.

This worldwide list gives you the names and areas of specialisation of about 1 840 individual stamp experts, past and present, who have back stamped or hand signed postage stamps, or issued certificates. Some 700 scans are included for the deciphering of stamp expert marks.


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PR China 1980 Monkey stamp – where will the prices go to?

In its first Hong Kong auction on May 14-15, 2011 the David Feldman Asia Ltd sold two full sheets of the PR China 1980 monkey stamp (T46) for more than HK$ 1,100,000.- each and risked a prognosis for future prices.

I cannot help feeling, that there are many of this sheets in existenz, because all of the big auction houses in China had offered one in the past. Perhaps I have to compare the sheet numbers one time. more…

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